Friday, January 25, 2013

New Year, new reasons to write

I have since taken a hiatus from updating my blog.  But a friend encouraged me to take it up again, so here I am.  My primary reason for starting a blog then was to air my distaste at the underhanded way that Dusit Hotel Manila managed its promotional vouchers sold through  It highlighted the fact that even though honesty is the best policy, even the largest names in the business community have chosen not to do so.  Merchants approach voucher websites primarily because they want to promote their products and services.  As a business graduate and an entrepreneur, I know that honesty and good value is the only way to build a loyal customer base.  Unfortunately, by shortchanging and sugarcoating lame deals, merchants and voucher websites achieve the exact opposite.

I do believe that good value without the hefty price tag can still be found in the Metro.  So for the New Year, I would try to write more about finding good eats in the City.  I still purchase voucher deals now and then, but not from  One of the common problems I encounter is the lack of solid and reliable reviews about certain merchants.  I would try my best to write about every deal that I try as a way of paying it forward to other blog writers who took the time to write an honest review.

So thank you and stay tune.  

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