Tuesday, August 30, 2011

No Guarantees from Cashcashpinoy

This is a follow-up to my Dusit Basix/Cashcashpinoy experience. In the process of trying to figure out what my legal rights with regards to these vouchers, it starts to dawn on me that buying from Cashcashpinoy is the same as playing Russian roulette. It may seem a good deal in paper but you are actually gambling. I asked Cashcashpinoy what steps are they doing to protect their consumers and here is what they wrote back:

"CashCashPinoy.com cannot process and grant requests for refunds and/or exchange of goods and/or services. Once the User finalizes the purchase process by checking out, the sale is considered perfected. . . . . . . Any controversy, dispute/s and/or claim/s for refund/s and/or exchange of purchased items which may either be good/s and/or service/s shall be addressed and resolved by the specific Merchant from whom the User purchased the good/s and/or service/s. "

So right from the start, consumers are not protected by the party that brokered the deal, Cashcashpinoy. The most that Cashcashpinoy will do is forward complaints. If you have issues, then you are on own. Imagine if its an isolated case and you are dealing with a large company, good luck getting a feedback, let alone a refund.

Be forewarned as well that Cashcashpinoy has no listed telephone number, a simple prerequisite for most trustworthy businesses. Metrodeal is another website that doesn't have a number.

At this stage when competition is fierce, it is prudent for group buying websites to protect their consumers. Groupon has gone as far as promising a full refund if you are unhappy with a purchase. So be forewarned when buying from Cashcashpinoy. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS


  1. I'm dealing with the same problem with Cashcashpinoy right now. They've been very fraudulent regarding their advertising and won't give me my money back. So what happened to your voucher? Did they ignore your requests too? I'm really very disappointed with them right now.

    I blogged about my experience here: http://beautynerdery.blogspot.com/2011/09/beware-of-cashcashpinoy-and-dermclinic.html

    1. Hello Dardar

      Sorry for the super super late response. What happened to my complaint? nothing. It was a buffet voucher, so you won't know the problem until its too late. I complained, there was an effort from Dusit to contact me but only to delay the matter. Time is valuable to me and figured that wasting that on their cheap service is not worth it. I rarely buy from vouchers nowadays but when i do, I make sure that I have tried the establishment before. Hope you had a better resolution with yours.

  2. Dear Chinese Adobo,

    Thank you for your feedback. We are reviewing and working on all aspects of our service to meet all our customers' requests. Please stay tuned for further developments.


  3. Hay naku cashcashpinoy, kesa naghahanap kayo ng mga bad reviews at nagco comment, eh ayusin nyo na lang ang service nyo. You haven't even addressed my voucher issue yet, despite so many follow-ups. Ano to, lokohan?