Saturday, January 9, 2010

Presidentiables and Food Supplements

Presidential Candidates are like those food supplements flooding the drugstores and airwaves. Promising everything from stopping aging on its tracks to transforming you to a coca cola bottle. At the end of every commercial and at the back of each packaging, it states " No Proven Therapeutic Effects." It might as well have taken back everything it has promised previously.

Election after election, we have gone through bouts of fervent promises and promises silently broken. Perhaps it is time for elective candidates to remember what they learned when they were kids. Lying is not acceptable behaviour and it bears consequences. It is not the constitution which needs to be changed but election law. CEO's of private companies are hired based on a promised result, when results are not evident at the time provided, they are sacked.

It is time for false promises to stop and real reforms to begin.

tis the season to be garlicky

There is nothing more chinese filipino than fresh lumpia. The current local incarnation comes with that garlic flavored sweet sauce. Filipinos are a very saucy people for some reason, siopao with sauce, siomai with sauce and etc. The local Chinese can't help but get suck into the sauce mania. Thus, enter the traditional Chinese fresh lumpia with garlic sweet sauce.

As far back as I can remember, my family has prepared lumpia during the first few months of the year. Possibly due to the abundance of cheaper vegetables of which the dish is primarily composed of. Also because of the appearance of one essential herb/vegetable which is available only during the colder months of the year, Green Garlic. It is the young garlic plant before it matures into garlic bulbs which we commonly see. Green garlic is what imparts that aroma that defines a good Chinese lumpia. Most commercial establishments usually substitute ground garlic as it is readily available all year round. They also omit certain ingredients to cut on costs. Nevertheless, next time that you see fresh lumpia with garlic sweet sauce, you'll know that you are in the Philippines.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

All in the name of religion.

Last night, i received an unexpected phone call from a classmate. Surprisingly, when she asked if i knew who she was, I knew immediately who she was, considering I last talked to her around 7 years ago.

Amidst the greetings, she had a request. One that is still bothering up to this very moment. She explained that last April, her only daughter who is 5 yrs old, went into seizure while recovering from a fever. She was admitted into a hospital and subsequently went into comatose, from which she woke up from 3 days after. But her motor skills were already impaired.

My classmate and her family including her husband's family believes in this religious sect which revolves around Karma and the interconnection of lives past, present and future. They believe that our souls pass from creature to creature gathering good karma till we reach fruition into nirvana.

My classmate's request was for me to help her child by joining their sect. My initial reaction was what does religion have to do with your kid. Apparently, they believe that by convincing another person in joining their sect, they earn good karma by saving another soul from damnation. They hope that with enough karma, her child will heal. Its kinda way out there but it is what they believe.

Which brings me to my dilemna. I think I'm still on a religious journey. I was educated as a Catholic but I have obviously wandered off the path and generally consider myself as an Agnostic. I am generally critical of religions that believe that they are sole avenue of eternal happiness. I still believe that heaven is for everyone. I could oblige her request and make her happy but suffer the potential damage to my sanity or I could decline and forever damage our friendship.

What would you do in my position? How far would you go in the name of friendship?

Start of a hopefully good beginning

Been meaning to put a blog, but like many others, never really got down to starting one. I don't believe in keeping diaries as its tantamount to leaving a body of evidence in plain sight. Its like stealing candy from a store with the wrapper in your hands. Although it does seem an interesting idea to have a window to your previous experiences.

As for the name of the blog, Chinese Adobo, it seems to be the best representation of what i am. Essentially Chinese, but with a Filipino character.

Anyway, i hope this isn't the last of hopefully many more posts on this blog. Happy New Year