Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Backpacking Transportation to Boracay

Every time I travel to Boracay, I always seem to ask the same questions I'm faced with on each trip.  So I ended up researching the same few issues again and again.  So I figured I might as well write my own post on it to save time on the future.

Travelling to Boracay has become so familiar that I usually opt for the backpacking route.  So here are the what you need to know when you want to get to Boracay, the kuripot way.


Option 1 - NAIA Airport Shuttle

For local trips, I usually end up taking Cebu Pacific because it's cheaper.  To go to Terminal 3, there is an airport shuttle in Pasay Rotonda.  It is usually parked inside the terminal on the side of the south bound MRT Station.  The bus is painted white and has no visible markings.  Just ask the conductor/driver if its the airport shuttle.  Fare is fixed at 20 pesos (as of July 24, 2014).  It leaves every hour from 6:00 am - 11:00 pm.  From Pasay Rotonda, it heads to the arrival section (ground floor) of Terminal 3.  You will need to leave at least 3 hrs from departure time as it takes the bus some time to be full before it leaves.  There also might be heavy traffic.

Option 2 -  Nichols Jeepney or Tricycle

If you do have a very early morning flight, the shuttle bus won't be a viable option.  Alternately you can take either Public Utility Jeeps plying the "Nichols" route or Tricycles.  Both will drop you off at the curb right at the mouth of the arrival section of the airport. You will have to walk around 3 -5 minutes to the airport gate. For the tricycle, if you are alone, they charge 50 pesos for the special trip or 8 pesos if you wait for the vehicle to become full


Getting to Caticlan Jetty Port

You have either flown to Kalibo or Caticlan to get to Boracay. So here are the directions for both Airports.

Kalibo Airport -  Flights are generally cheaper to Kalibo but it is around 2 hours away from the Jetty Port.  Upon arriving at the airport, you have the option of either taking a van or a bus.  The van generally cost 150 pesos per person. The vehicles parked just outside the terminal seems to be cheaper.  The van option will be a little tight but will be faster to leave.  The tourist bus is run by Southwest Tours and cost 200 pesos.  It is spacious but takes some time to get filled. The bus also has one stop.

Caticlan Airport - Upon arriving, if there are 3 - 4 of you, it is better to take the Tricycle right across the arrival exit of airport. It cost 50 pesos fixed, for a capacity of 4 persons. But if you are alone or want to save money, you can actually walk to the jetty port. It is around 10 minutes away by walking.  Upon exiting the arrival door, walk to your left and exit the airport compound.  From the airport gate, walk to the right until you reach a busy intersection, I forgot the name of the hardware store but you won't be able to miss the intersection. There are also signs pointing to the left for the Jetty Port.  Upon reaching the intersection, cross the street and walk towards the jetty port.


This is very straightforward.  Boats depart for Boracay from 6 am - 7 pm.  Here are the breakdown of fees

Terminal Fee -         100
Environmental Fee -   75
Outrigger Boat Fee-   25
Total                        200 pesos

The boat ride is only roughly 10 - 15 minutes.

Cagban Port / Boracay Island

Upon arriving at Cagban Port, you can either take the tricycle parked inside the port or outside the gate near the gas station.  Do not take the mini cab as it costs 300 pesos.  If you take the tricycle inside the port, most likely they will take you for a tourist and charge you a fixed 100 pesos per trip.  If you are alone, it is better to go outside and flag a passing or waiting tricycle for a minimum of 10 - 20 pesos depending on distance.  A special trip or a trip wherein you are reserving the whole vehicle for the duration of trip is 100 pesos.

A special trip to Puka Beach will cost you 150 pesos fixed per trip.  Some of the tricycle drivers have a tendency to rip off tourist so beware of the going costs and ask the resort or front desk for current rates.


On the return trip, the tricycle cost is the same as arrival.  Either take a special trip for 100 pesos or 20 pesos to the port if you are the sharing the vehicle.  The cost of the return jetty port trip is 125 pesos (100 pesos terminal fee and 25 pesos boat ride)

Upon arriving at the Caticlan Jetty Port, if you are heading to Kalibo Airport, vans are waiting and cost around 100 - 150 pesos, Southwest bus cost 200 pesos.  If you are heading to Caticlan Airport, tricyle cost 50 pesos fixed, or you can walk to the airport.

Kalibo Airport and Caticlan Airport both charge 200 pesos for the Terminal Fee.  Upon Arriving in NAIA Terminal 3, you can take the same Airport shuttle waiting at the farthest right side of the driveway of the arrival hall.

Bon Voyage.